Wendie A Howland Legal Nurse Consultant & Life Care Planner

Legal Nurse Consultant | Life Care Planner | Medical Cost Projection Expert

I'm Wendie A. Howland, MN RN-BC CRRN CCM CNLCP LNCC 

I bring decades of great experience to your cases.

I'm a graduate of Boston University, Boston MA (Bachelor of Science, Nursing), and the University of Washington, Seattle WA (Master in Nursing, Physiological/Critical Care, thesis program, award for research). I can help you understand the complex issues of your medical cases, maximize their value, and make you look like the smartest attorney in the room!

I'm a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, a professional registered nurse with education and expertise in legal nursing. I have excellent experience in file reviews for med mal, liability, and work comp. In part, I draw on my extensive experience preparing and reviewing Life Care Plans, including medical record review, research, legal aspects, and particular course content on catastrophic or chronic conditions. All my work is based on published standards of practice, comprehensive professional assessment, collaboration, and analysis. Whether you're defense of plaintiff, you'll get a timely and complete analysis of the medical issues of your case, with citations from standards of practice and professional literature, so you can make an informed decision on merit, strategy, and tactics. And I have a great track record of identifying testifying medical experts.

I'm a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner, so I'm a medical cost damages expert. A Life Care Plan may include medical and therapy treatment, future projections, architectural modifications, anticipated change in level of care, equipment/transportation/furnishings, vocational assessment, and anything else that will incur costs related to the related injury or illness. Many clients are unaware of the extent of these needs, particularly in complex cases, so I make it a point to describe complications of the injury, underlying conditions, and medication and treatment side effects to clarify my Life Care Plan rationales. Don't need a full Life Care Plan? Perhaps a Medical Cost Projection would meet your needs.

infant-life-care-plannerLife Care Planning and MCPs may be comprehensive or modified, depending on specific client needs. Many involve plaintiff or defense worker’s compensation or liability claims with people suffering such catastrophic conditions as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, major trauma, burns, chronic pain, or a combination of conditions. I may also see children with birth injury or other developmental condition, like cerebral palsy or mental disability, or elders whose care needs fall to family or a trust fund and may not involve litigation.

My professional licensure, certification, experience, education, standards of practice, and ethics are backed by the nurse practice act. As a Legal Nurse Consultant, I'm broadly experienced and educated. As a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner,  I am within my scope of practice to prescribe the evaluations, equipment, consultations, and other interventions of my Life Care Plans. I hold two national certifications in Nurse Life Care Planning; I also hold national certification in rehabilitation nursing, two national certifications in case management; my national certification in legal nurse consulting means I have a good idea of where you're coming from, too.

Whether your case involves litigation or not, Howland Health Consulting can help you deal with those complex medical issues more completely. Want to learn more, perhaps run a case by me for a no-obligation first look? Call me!