Making structured settlements better?

4524062-1874x2800I’ve been learning a lot about the structured settlement industry lately. Though I’m the first to tell you that I’ve still got more to learn, here’s one thing that really struck me early on: there’s a way to improve client outcomes available to conscientious plaintiff and defense attorneys alike, and many of them don’t know enough about it yet. Because I’m a certified nurse life care planner and certified legal nurse consultant, you know what I’m going to say next, don’t you? When the parties negotiate and agree to a settlement, often it isn’t going to be a lump sum, but can be allocated in different ways. This picture is sure to get even more complex when ACA provisions become more prominent. Even if you have an expert nurse life care plan as part of the initial negotiations, it often makes sense for the parties to work with a nurse life care planner, a financial planner, and a specialist in governmental and other benefits to be sure the distribution plan makes sense to meet projected needs. So, if there’s a life care plan already and the settlement has been reached, why would you need a nurse life care planner at this stage? Well, consider that the settlement may not fully cover projected costs in the plan. It’s not reasonable for the client/family member to be responsible for figuring out the best way to allocate those resources, is it? Or a trust officer, whose knowledge about medical, rehabilitation, and habilitation isn’t enough to make those complex decisions? This is precisely where you’d want a solid, experienced, and well-credentialed nurse life care planner, with professional licensure and expertise in the medical arena, on your client’s side. Want to learn more about my practice? It can benefit you!

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